Maria Johnson
Managing Director | Little School
Maria Johnson Honored for Accomplishments in Preschool Education
Ms. Johnson’s Little School is recognized as having the best chartered curriculum

KHANDALLAH, WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, December 16, 2013, Maria Johnson, Managing Director of the Little School, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence her profession.

Little School are private preschools that provide education services for children ages 2 through 5 years at the Kelburn, Khandallah and Saint Heliers sites, and age 16 months through 5 years at the Churton Park location. The school’s philosophy is very different in education and what they offer. It has a holistic approach, and the child is the focus, not the exam; the mission of the school is to educate the children socially and emotionally to be confident learners, and to develop their ability to investigate and explore.

A leader in education for 28 years, Ms. Johnson is recognized as having the best preschool chartered curriculum. With 12 years in her current role, her duties are running the organization, time-management delegating, empowering her team, training and developing people and running courses. She is also engaging in the community and helping to guide the government on policy and procedures.

Additionally, Ms. Johnson has also been trying to grow and develop the business for the last five years. She is handing over responsibility to the staff in New Zealand and looking to open locations in China, where she plans to become well established. She wants to open training institutes in China and train Chinese teachers to understand that the child is the heart of the curriculum. Eventually, she has the same plans for the Middle East.

She attributes her success to several factors: always having a goal and sticking to it, hard work, determination, a strong sense of values to guide her, belief in what she is doing and the team, as she couldn’t have done it without them. She also credits her husband’s support, passion and ability to always research new ideas. Initially, she trained as a primary school teacher and wanted to work with children. Over the years, there was a real need in the community in regards to education, and she opened her own business; she opened three schools in three years. She loves education and feels the schools can make a difference in the world. This is why she is eager to start up in China.

Ms. Johnson spent her childhood growing up on a farm with her parents, two brothers and three sisters. She moved to Wellington after training as a primary school teacher at the Hamilton Teachers College and completing a Bachelor of Education at Waikato University. In 2006, Ms. Johnson studied full time and gained her early childhood qualifications from the New Zealand College of Early Childhood Education.

She has lived in Wellington since getting married in 1992; two of those years were spent in Sydney. She and her husband, Craig, have four beautiful boys: Mathew, Joshua, Benjamin and Jacob, who are twins.

Maria Johnson
Managing Director
Little School
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